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Ongoing Project #3: the garden

Our third ongoing project is the garden--the vegetable garden, that is. Here's what our back yard looked like before:

Our yard only goes back to about where you see those two bushes, one on the left (honeysuckle) and one on the right (privat?). Behind our yard is a vacant lot that belongs to the neighbor (her house is on the left in the photo). Unfortunately, because it is vacant, people often cut through there and through our yard. We attempted to put a stop to this by building a low stone wall. Here's the garden now:

Our yard is also home to at least 2 feral cats. The ladies on either side of us take care of them--well, they feed them, at least. One of them I know for sure is an unneutered male, and eventually I may have to do something about that (he likes to spray the outside of our house, which pisses me off). Anyway, I know from personal experience that cats love to use freshly dug gardens as giant litter boxes, so we fenced ours off with chicken wire. So far, so good. Keeps the bunnies out, too!

Because the garden has been fallow for so many years, and we don't own a tiller, Larry has been laboriously turning the dirt over with a shovel. So we only have two out of four rows dug up so far. We added some manure to the first row, which had a bit more clay than the second. We added compost (from our compost tumbler) to both. We planted peas and beans in the first row, and Larry is planting corn, yellow squash, and cucumbers in the second row today. Hopefully we'll get the other two rows finished soon--I have bell pepper, tomato, and eggplant starts in the house that need to be planted by May 1st or thereabouts.

We're really hoping the gardens grow well this summer--we are looking forward to fresh veggies!



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